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The Torlon, PEEK & Ultra Performance Polymer
Manufacturing Experts

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The Drake Team

Founded in 1997 to produce what no one else could or would. The team at Drake Plastics encompasses plastics professionals with a level of dedication and expertise that is unmatched in the manufacturing of Torlon® and specialty PEEK products. Whether you are looking for molding, machining or extruded shapes you can rely on Drake.

Cypress Team

Drake’s Cypress, Texas headquarters is located 50 km northwest of Houston providing for easy world-wide shipping access. The Drake campus consists of 5 buildings totaling 3700 m² of facility space.

San Antonio Team

The San Antonio team operates under Drake Research in 465 m² production facilities.


Commercial Director, Tom Heylen

Drake Europe, located in Belgium, enables sales and technical support in 6 languages to best serve European customers.

Drake Plastics
Organizational Chart

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