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The Torlon, PEEK & Ultra Performance Polymer
Manufacturing Experts

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Stock Shapes for Machining

From our early beginnings in 1997, Drake developed a reputation for being a global leader in extruding the most difficult to process polymers into shapes for those machining high performance polymer parts.
Reinforcing this reputation we:

• Preserve properties made possible by the resin supplier thus maximizing product performance
• Provide Batch (resin, lot) and Run traceability on every shape
• Run every product in single piece tooling minimizing piece to piece and lot to lot variation
• Identify each shapes extrusion direction to help machining consistency
• Every shape is annealed or in the case of Torlon® cured using a cycle developed for that shape

We extrude and stock all grades of Torlon, eight grades of PEEK and three grades of AvaSpire PAEK.

Today’s size capability ranges from:

• Rod: 1.27 to 194 mm diameter
• Plate: 3.2 to 44.5 mm thick plate in both 102 and 305 mm widths
• Seamless Tube: 25.4 OD x 12.7 mm ID to 194 OD x 89 mm ID
If you are looking for a size or product outside that range, or one you don’t see, just ask.

Each and every size and grade is the result of a customer need.