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The Torlon, PEEK & Ultra Performance Polymer
Manufacturing Experts

Torlon Rod now also available in metric Sizes.
Tolerances of +0.05/-0 mm on request. Ask us.
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Certificates & Quality

Drake Plastics manufactures using the latest process monitoring and control systems. Our process equipment is designed specifically for producing Torlon® and PEEK consistently and efficiently. Digital ultrasound inspection is utilized extensively to optimize our processes and confirm product quality.

We embrace and employ lean business practices and manufacturing techniques. Our customers define value, and we strive to deliver exactly what they need. We produce in single piece flow, work to eliminate waste and inefficiency, and strive for perfection in all we do and deliver.

Drake ISO Certification

ISO 9001:2015

The Registration covers the Quality Management System for the manufacturer of specialty high-performance extruded and injection molded plastic materials and parts.

RoHS, REACH and California Prop 65

Drake Plastics does not add any substances or additives during processing, and therefore complies with any RoHS, REACH, or California Prop 65 declarations made by our resin suppliers. If you require additional information, please Ask Drake.

Torlon Material Certifications

Torlon products supplied by Drake Plastics are shipped with certification at no additional charge. Torlon resins used in our processes meet the requirements of AMS 3670 and ASTM D5204 (replacement for Mil-P-46179A).

Hamilton Sundstrand MS29.04, Boeing Specification BMS-8269, Honeywell MCS7004 and General Electric Specification A50TF190 can be supplied upon request.

International Traffic in Arms (ITAR)

Drake Plastics is an ITAR registered manufacturer with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). For additional information, please Ask Drake.

Post Cure

All Drake produced Torlon products are supplied ‘post cured’ (typical minimum Tg is 276º C). This provides customers with tough, wear resistant non-melting thermoset parts, ideal for bearings, structural and electrical components.

PEEK Material Certifications

PEEK materials supplied by Drake Plastics are shipped with certification at no additional charge. PEEK resins used in our processes meet the requirements of Mil-P 46183.

Drake Quality Policy

Drake Plastics pursues perfection in the products we produce and services we render.