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Why Drake PAI ?

High Strength Drake PAI

Two priorities spurred the development of Drake PAI products: our obligation to customers for dependable supply, and our commitment to create products to serve new applications. When unforeseen external circumstances get in the way of those priorities, our development team gets inspired to clear the barriers.

It’s exceptional properties are the result of being transformed from a thermoplastic to a cross-linked thermoset during an extended curing process.* Glass-reinforced and carbon fiber reinforced grades offer even greater stiffness plus enhanced thermal expansion properties.

PAI Thin Film

Drake PAI Thin Sheet and Film

Our commitment to support customers’ new applications drove the development of ultra high-performance Drake PAI thin gauge sheet and film. These unique products require PAI resins that were also unavailable as standard products from traditional sources. Through our development work, Drake PAI thin sheet and film products are now available in several thicknesses from our inventory.

When the pelletized grade of PAI utilized to extrude Torlon 4200 rod, plate and Seamless Tube® was discontinued by the supplier, our team developed the technology to produce Drake 4200 PAI shapes by pelletizing Torlon 4000T, a powder form of the resin. Their success assured our customers a dependable supply of Drake 4200 PAI shapes that meet the performance and quality specifications of those previously sold as Torlon 4200 PAI. We also offer precision injection-molded parts made from the same resin used to produce the extruded shapes.

Drake PAI 4200 is well suited for:

• Fasteners used within the plasma etch chamber
• Wafer handling contacts
• Electrical insulators

Resin Data Sheet

Drake Extruded Part Data Sheet

Price and Availability

Rod: 12.7 - 152 mm

Plate: 6.4 x 102 mm
The physical properties of Drake PAI 4200 are like those of Torlon 4203. The Torlon 4203L formulation includes a few percent TiO2 as a pigment to make a distinctive yellow/gold color. Concerns about the release of TiO2 has long worried leading semiconductor chip manufacturers.

The utilization of Drake PAI 4200 alleviates the concern that titanium dioxide particles released during plasma etching may contaminate the nano-scale topography of today’s micro circuitry. Better resistance to plasma than PEEK and polyimides within the etching processes for computer chip manufacture.

Drake PAI 4200 is stronger and stiffer than PEEK and PI over a wide temperature range, as shown in the graph.

T4200 vs PEEK&PI
*Drake Plastics cures all Torlon® products prior to shipment.

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